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Tensioned Fabric Signs

Common locations: Due to its ease of use, simplicity in design, and ability to update frequently without the need for specialised tools, tensioned-fabric-signs (TFS) are used often in retail stores, offices, and at exhibitions.

A Simple explanation: Manufactured from a variety of extruded aluminium profiles, including options for wall-mounted, free standing, or suspended from the ceiling to name a few. All profiles are finished off with digital printed textile skins complete with keder stitched edges that simply push fit around the perimeter of the chosen profile.

The ease of updating new or old: TFS are great for frequent updating by the end user because every printed skin has a small pull cord, typically in the bottom right corner, which allows the user to remove the old printed graphic easily before replacing it with a new one with no specialist tools required.  

Types of illumination: There are many types of extruded aluminium profiles available for illuminated TFS, whilst they are all internally lit you have the choice between single sided or double sided when skins can be tensioned to both sides of the frame work. Like flex face signs we can utilise the latest digital print technology to partially block out areas of the print emphasising on certain areas of the print.

A wide range of sizes and shapes: Tensioned fabric signs can be produced to suit practically any available space, shape or design.

Key features:

  • Modern in design.  
  • High visual impact.
  • A huge variety of profiles.
  • Extremely easy to update in the future.
  • Low running costs with maximum impact using LED lighting.



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