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Fascia Signs

Common locations: Fascia signs are most commonly seen on the highstreets, shopping centres, industrial units and petrol station forecourt’s.

A Simple explanation: Fascia; a signboard on the upper part of a shopfront displaying the name of the company or brand. Most commonly produced from sheet aluminium or aluminium composite material also known as ACM folded in to size or shape and painted in to almost any colour. For implementing your logo there’s also a choice of options such as self-adhesive vinyl, CNC fret cut backed up with Perspex, flat cut Perspex on locators, or 3D lettering fixed to the face for a more dynamic design. Fascia signs can be produced to suit most requirements or available spaces, like flex face signs they are built in sections when the fascia measures bigger than the available sheet sizes but also for transportation and installation safely. The only downfall is there’s no avoiding panel joints across lengthy elevations but don’t let that put you off, our time served fitting teams are pretty good so they go unnoticed!

Types of illumination: Types of illumination include fret cut & backed up logos with LED’s applied internally to a back tray, internally illuminated 3D lettering fixed to the face or simply lit from above via LED trough lights, we can also install spotlights in to the bottom return for example if the sign runs across the top of an entrance.  

Key features:

  • A long lasting outdoor solution due to aluminium construction and durable paint finish.
  • Almost free of any maintenance for long periods of time.
  • Efficient to run when illuminated via LED.
  • Cost effective solution with rewarding visual attention.
  • Endless shapes and sizes to suit almost any foreground.




Fascia Signs

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