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Totem Signs

Common locations: Most frequently seen at the entrances to industrial and retail parks, on the forecourts of petrol stations, and on newly constructed housing estates. They are preferred by many because of the powerful visual effect they provide and their ability to instantly communicate information to passers-by or passing traffic.

A Simple explanation: A tall free-standing design that is typically used to display product listings, directions, or a number of tenants, for instance at entrances to retail parks. Most have an interior steelwork frame and cladding face panels made of a variety of materials, including, but not limited to, aluminium, wood, steel, and stainless steel.

The ease of updating: Totems, like flex face boxes, are incredibly simple to update, especially if they are intended to be updated regularly. The most typical strategy would be to use individual lightboxes or replaceable panels that can be quickly replaced during rebranding or a change in tenants. The majority of petrol station totems have LED panels that can be remotely updated to show current fuel costs without requiring site visits.

Types of illumination: Types of illumination include face-lit or back-lit LED’s, headers or park names can be applied by internally illuminated 3D lettering fixed to the face or individual LED lightboxes can be fitted to the face panels. The signs can even be powered by their very own solar panels, which is a terrific way to save installation and running expenses by doing away with the need for subterranean connections in difficult-to-reach places.

A wide range of sizes and shapes: Totems can be created in a range of sizes, although structural considerations may be necessary for safety reasons depending on the size and eventual position of the totem.

Key features:

  • High visual impact with the ability to get information across quickly.
  • The ease of updating in the future.
  • A huge variety of material finishes to suit surround architecture.
  • Low running costs with maximum impact using LED lighting.
  • Can be powered by Solar



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