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Flex Face Signs

Common applications: Flex face signs are a system most commonly found outdoors amongst retail parks, industrial parks, transport or distribution warehouses and even used on totems. Chosen by companies and brands for maximum scale or impact upon approach.

A simple explanation: The nick name “Flex face” is shortened from Flexible faced signage, the structure consists of an extruded aluminium framework or box (if illuminated) which is usually made modular in multiple sections for these ease of transportation and installation. Once the box or frame is installed in place a digital printed or vinyl applied PVC skin can be unravelled and stretched across the front with a form of tensioning clips around the perimeter, the easiest way of imagining this is if you know how a trampoline or the skin of a drum works.      

The ease of updating new or old: Flex face signs are superb design that’s proven its worth over time with most boxes lasting up to 25 years plus, the skin it’s self can be changed with ease as brands evolve over time. Our research concludes it costs around a third of the initial purchase price to update the skins on existing boxes as brands reform their logo.

Types of illumination available: Flex face signs can be spec’d with a huge range of illumination types through choices of LED’s and use of digital print technology means you can either have fully illuminated or partially illuminated. Partial illumination is created by only applying LED’s to the inside of the box where required and by blocking out the light transfer with multi-layer printing. This is a popular choice by many and a hefty cost saving solution when looking at multiple sites. Because flex face system is so simple it also means existing fully illuminated box can be changed over on site to partially illuminated and vice versa.    

A wide range of sizes and shapes: Flex face boxes can be produced to suit any logo’s or available space. As mentioned earlier on this page modular by design means boxes of all sizes and shapes required to suit multiple backgrounds such as cladded buildings, architectural steelwork or even gable ends and can be created in numerous sections for the aid of transportation and installation safely. With the face being flexible PVC you will always end up with a seamless front as opposed to ridged faced signs where you could expect to see multiple panel joints on similar sized signs. Flex faces also make a great choice when producing building lettering with huge cap heights and are most suited to distribution warehouses or large hangers when built up lettering can look lost as you can be restricted by size due to sheet materials.  

Key features:

  • The perfect outdoor solution being water resistant and long lasting.
  • Flexible PVC faces means seamless fronts as opposed to ridged materials.
  • The ease to update existing boxers in the future.
  • Low running costs with maximum impact using LED lighting.
  • Almost limitless in size or shape.



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